Saturday, January 9, 2016

Introducing The Trivia Geeks!

The Trivia Geeks is a team of assorted nerds who are passionate about their fandoms. The nerds live comfortably in the low/middle income bracket in Appalachia where they often congregate around a battered coffee table to play tabletop trivia games and "sip" cheap, fruity wine made by the awesome local winery. They spend the bulk of their "disposable" income on books, video games, movies, comics, and martial arts classes (often placing these higher than food on the list of fiscal priorities).

One of them runs a small me-tailing business called Implexity Designs with a strong focus on geeky products. Another is a Pokemon Master and physics major at West Virginia University.

More nerds will be introduced with each publication.

Obviously, they're hoping that this venture will increase their fortunes exponentially. But even if it doesn't, they're still having fun.

Suggestions for future publications are welcome!

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